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How to make iPhone visual voicemail work with Chatr Wireless

When I got my new iPhone 4S it worked fine with Chatr’s voicemail. It was displaying the red dot over the voicemail icon to notify me that there was a message I haven’t heard. Then, several days ago, something got corrupted and I couldn’t retrieve my voicemail any more. I read their FAQ’s which suggested shutting down the phone and keeping it off for several minutes. It didn’t work, so I called their support. They couldn’t help me find the codes to program the visual voicemail, but they gave me the phone number that the phone uses to listen to the voicemail. In my case it was +16472789973.

I searched for an answer on Google and found the codes. If you have this problem you need to type:


Press call and you’ll hear a beep. Nothing else will change. Clear the calling number and verify the new number by typing:


When you click Call, the phone will display the number of your voicemail access number, in my case 16472789973. If it worked, you should be able to retrieve your voicemail by clicking the Voicemail icon.

Non-advertised feature

Chatr makes extra money every time you listen to your voicemail. Each call is 25 cents/min. However, if you dial your voicemail access number from another phone, and provide your phone and pin, you’ll not be charged for listing to those messages.

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