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Ligatures with Fontographer 5

Creating a ligature
A ligature is a glyph made up of one or more glyphs. Most commercial fonts have some commonly used ligatures like æ, and œ. However, Fontographer makes it easy to create ligatures of your own without drawing a thing.
To create a ligature:
1.    Open the outline window for the “f”.
2.    Choose Select All and then choose Duplicate to create another “f”.
3.    Move the new “f” to the right.
4.    Go back to the font window.
5.    Copy the “l” into the same window using the Copy Component command from the Edit menu.
6.    Move the referenced “l” to the right of the second “f”.
7.    Choose Decompose Component from the Edit menu.
8.    Choose Remove Overlap from the Element menu.
Duplicate the “f”.
Copy a reference glyph into the window.
Move it into place.
Choose Decompose Component.
Then choose Remove Overlap.
Remove any extra points.

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